Business Operation

Since the incorporation in 2014, Paragon Megalink Sdn Bhd has engaged in Security Services, Constructions and its related activities as follows:

1. Contracting Services & Supply of Building Materials.
We provide contracting services for our projects. We also plan and coordinate building materials so that it can be supplied safely to the Subcontractors that are carrying out the work at site. Building materials are supplied so that site work can be done in the stipulated time.
2. Construction and Infrastructural Works.
As society grows, society develops. This is where construction and infrastructural works play a vital role in order to make room and accommodate for the growing society today. We provide our services and expertise in construction and infrastructural works so that work can be done safely according to the client’s specifications.
3. Preparation, Piling, Earthworks, Drainage & Sewer Works.
In order for us to begin a construction, we must first clear the site and prepare adequate foundations to support the structure. Therefore, we provide services and resources for site clearance and piling. We also provide earthwork services that ensures the ground level, cut slope and fill slopes are safely done to avoid any risks onto the constructed structure and people. For a construction in which drainage & sewers are absent, we provide our services to construct drainages, culverts and sewers according to the client’s specifications to reduce flood risks in the site area and provide proper stormwater flow in the site area.
4. Transportation.
Transportation is a priority activity which allows site workers to have the equipment and the building materials they need. Transportation is vital before, during and after the construction, mechanical or electrical works. Our company provides transportation services and ensures that materials and equipment are safely delivered to the requested destination.
5. Civil, Electrical, Mechanical & Structural Engineering Works.
Not all projects will go as planned as there will always be challenges that held us back. However, challenges can be overcome. We offer engineering services and expertise for our projects to provide solutions to problems that arises during the construction process. Our engineers propose solutions and methods in which our site workers can carry out in order to repair or reduce any engineering challenges that come our way.
6. Electrical Works

Electrical works also plays a vital role in construction as most day-to-day tasks requires electrical powers. We offer services such as electrical rewiring, electrical maintenance, GENSET maintenances and more. We ensure that our services could enhance and maintain the service life of the electrical systems at the site.

The company will always commit to deliver superior workmanship and fulfilling project requirements on time by maintaining a high level of efficiency and quality in all its business in order to reach the standard expected by our valued clients.
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